Saturday, April 18, 2015


A few weeks ago ( see this post) I transplanted a foxglove from outside the fence to inside the fence.

I was not 100% sure it was foxglove, but based on the leftover seed pods and leaf shape, I was pretty sure it was.

I watered that baby religiously.  It was very limp for a week and looked like it wasn't going to make it.  But with lots of tender care, it recovered and started to grow.

Woot!  A success, right?

Well... then a few weeks later, I was pulling rocks in the side area outside the fence and saw this:

Wait a minute.... if this is the foxglove, then what did I transplant???

Having tenderly cared for an okra plant that turned out to be ragweed, I was afraid of having been suckered again.

But just recently, the transplanted plant started to show signs of being a foxglove (see above!).


Now maybe I will transplant the other two foxgloves to live beside it inside the fence as well!

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