Thursday, July 30, 2015

The front bed ... before 50 days of hell

Here is a record of what my plants in the new front bed look like before the begin of August (with 100 degree temps and no rain).

Things have grown quite a bit!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mom's Plants

Agave Oliphant “Quadricolor - #7124 

Agave gentry “Jaws: - #6478

Agave Americana “Mediopicta - #6288

Yucca filamentosa “Color Guard: - #1568 - $17.00

Agave “Chisos Affair - #9757 - $16.00

Abutiton “Orange Hot Lava -# 7302 - $14.00

Abutilon “Fool’s Gold” - #8001 - $14.00

Achilles “Strawberry Seduction” PP 18,401 - #9200 - $13.00

Agastache “Blue Fortune” - #3209 - $14.00

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Two new plants

I know this is the worst possible time to put in new plants... I really do.  But I was in NG this morning picking up pumpkins and cucumbers, when I saw a plant called Bee Balm...

I've noticed that the bees don't seem to really like the flowers I have planted, and with a name like Bee Balm, it seemed like this might be a good one for them. And then right next to it was a plant called Lion's Tail, which looked kind of cool.  I figured it I kill one plant, I might as well try and kill two ;o)  So I purchased both.

The Bee Balm said it needs partial shade, so I put in near the back of my side bed by the Oxalis and Plumbago.

The Lion's Tale says it gets to around 3 to 4 feet, so I put in near the center and back of the new street bed.

Now, to see if we can get them rooted in this heat.

July Vegetable Garden Update

Due to all of the rain, the garden is doing better this summer than in any other year.  After being gone for a week, I spent the entire morning weeding, watering, planting some pumpkins and cucumbers and staking up the tomatoes.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

July Flowers - Side bed

So begins the ten week period of scorching heat and no rain. 

Actually, it has been a mild summer so far, with far more rain than expected. So hopefully a strong spring will help power my plants through the next few months.

Here is how the various beds are doing:

Side bed

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