Saturday, November 2, 2013

October Rains bring November Flowers

November 2, 2013

● October Rains bring November Flowers

Wow, with all the rain, anything that made it through the long hot summer is now thriving and in bloom!

My rose bushes in the porch bed are going crazy with blooms.  

The dwarf pomegranate has completely recovered and is now about two feet tall and is also covered in orange blooms!

And the old esperanza is over twelve feet tall! 

Every year, this plant gets taller and taller.  It totally dwarfs the porch bed, and is sort of a pain to walk around.  But seriously, how can you not love something this big and yellow!

The morning glories have taken over the my garden, the porch, and just about everything else!  They are a pain, but still really beautiful!

The obedient bush and the plant whose name I still don't know are in bloom.  The obedient bush has gotten very tall and leggy, and the stalks tend to fall over and make the bed look pretty disorganized.  I may be transplanting them at some point.

More roses!

The bees and butterflies love all the flowers!  Enjoy it while it lasts, because the frost is coming in just a few weeks!!

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