Saturday, April 18, 2015

A new transplant

In my left porch bed, I used to have two pretty bushes.  The one whose name I forgot and a Tropical Milkweed.  But the obedient plant completely took over that part of the garden and killed both plants.

So, I was very surprised to see something sprout up at the base of one of the old plants.

At first I thought, maybe the Tropical Milkweed was dormant (for a whole year?) and is now coming back.  I remain every hoopeful, no matter how illogical ;o)

So I let it grow.  And I eventually realized it was not a Tropical Milkweed.  But it did look very familiar.  Finally I realized it is (I think) a free transplant Coral Honeysuckle.

But the viney Honeysuckle didn't really work well in a flat bed.  Dave wanted me to move it to one of our side fence beds that was empty.

Said empty side fence bed is empty because I can't get anything to grow there. We originally put some cross vines there years ago, but they died due to a lack of water.

Over the years, I have taken some of the Morning Glory sprouts and tried them there as well.  They will limp along for a few weeks, but once again succumb to the dry, hot space.

So, we will give the Coral Honeysuckle a try, and see how it does.

I remain, as always, illogically hopeful :o)

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