Sunday, January 5, 2020

A new year brings new hope

Last year may have just been the hardest gardening year ever, with no rain, scorching heat... and then an unheard of early freeze on Oct 27.  

Two months ago, I swore I was done gardening forever in Texas.  

But, the sands of time wash away all memory of pain :). 

And here I go again, with my winter vegetable garden. It is a bit early, but we have had a very warm winter, so I thought I’d give it a go.  I picked up a six pack of cabbage, cauliflower and butter lettuce. I also planted a bunch of seeds:  

Cabbage - harvest 60 to 105 days from planting (March 5 - April 19)

Cauliflower - harvest 55 to 100 ( March 1 - April 15)

Ferry Morse Detroit Dark Red Morse's Beet
Germinate: 8-10 days
Maturity: 60 days (March 5)

Ferry Morse Champion radish
Germinate: 4-7 days (January 9 - January 12)
Maturity: 28 days (February 2, 2020)

Ferry Morse Purple Top white globe Turnip
Germinate 7 - 10 days (January 12 - January 15)
Maturity:  55 days (Feb 29)

Ferry Morse Rainbow Variety carrot
Germinate 8 - 12 days (January 13 - January 17)
Maturity: 60 - 70 days (March 15)

Ferry Morse American Flag leek (new for me)
Germinate: 10 - 15 days (January 15 - January 20)
Maturity: 150 days (June 3 2020)

Ferry Morse India Florida mustard (also new for me)
Germinate: 10-12 days  (January 17)
Maturity: 48 days (Feb 22)

So, if all goes well, we should have some seedlings by January 15 and could possibly be adding radishes to our salad as early as Feb 2nd.  In retrospect, i now remember I should have planted the seeds in parts, separated by weeks, to extend the harvest.  But oh well.

$48 total, including 3 bags of compost and all of the plants and seeds.
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