Friday, July 12, 2019

Summer Heat

It is the start of the truly ugly season in Texas, where we start counting the number of days over 100 degrees, as well as the number of days since it last rained.  Fortunately, June was unusually wet this year, so we are starting off in a slightly better position than normal.

Most of my garden is just struggling to breathe, but this one small portion is really glowing.  The rock roses (both native and Brazilian) seem to flourish in the heat.  The Wrights Purple Skullcap, just finishing its first year, is blooming, and I purchased an (annual) Plumbago on clearance.  I don't know why some Plumbagos say they are perennial, and others annual.  I didn't realize this was an annual, so I was disappointed when I got home and read the tag.  But truthfully, it looks so beautiful in this garden, that it was well worth the $8 to liven up it up for just a year.  In the front left, I have the Texas Betony that I also purchased on clearance, that seems to be doing well, also.  This is truly the best this part of hte garden has ever looked!

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Smiles for Strangers

This morning, I was quietly watering the new transplants in my garden, listening to the sound of the birds and watching the bees buzz in the Bee Balm.  

I noticed a walker on the sidewalk in front of my garden. It is not uncommon to see walkers, runners and bikers go past the front of our house. 

I noticed her, but she did not notice me... she was too busy looking at my garden.  When she finally noticed me, she started in surprise, then smiled and said, "Walking past your garden is the favorite part of my walk."

And that one comment made my day. 

 I love my garden.  I love the riot of color, the textures and the smells. I love the promise of a new transplant.  I love the joy when a plant takes off and really grows for the first time.  I love the dependability of established plants that come back year after year.

But even more, to know that my garden brings joy, not just to me, but to random people walking past. That through this love of mine, I can bring a smile to someone... without even being there.

It is a wonderful thing :o)

As I was still smiling from the interaction, and turning off the water, I glanced again toward the road.  A runner, going past, eyes perpendicular to his path.  Enjoying my garden.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

St Johns Wort blooms - only time in seven years!!!

In 2012, I bought a small container of St John's Wort from Natural Gardener and planted it in my porch garden bed.  Over the years it has grown and grown, so much that it has taken over a large portion of that bed (and various plants in its way).  And yet, it has never bloomed.  Not once.  For SEVEN YEARS.

In fact, I had come to doubt that it was St John's wort. I have thought of it as some ugly, ground cover... though it really isn't that ugly.

Today, I was looking at my garden and saw this random yellow flower among the leaves of this plant.  Hmmm - what is growing up amongst my St John's wort???

I then realized that it was the plant in bloom.  And upon closer inspection, I found one other bloom. I am guess it being the seventh wettest April on record has something to do with it blooming.  It actually has a kind of pretty flower.

I wonder if I will have to wait seven years for it to bloom again?

Sunday, April 28, 2019

New Plants

Spring is usually the time where I make my big plant purchases.  We have a nice bit of cool(ish) weather and more rain.  And I think plants planted in the spring have a better chance of making it through the winter... assuming the make it through that first summer!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Foxglove, Roses and Cross Vine

Some flowers from this gorgeous spring.

I know I have dozens of photos of this plant, but I absolutely love it.  The largest of the three plants is now in full bloom.  Sigh.

I did a really heavy prune on my roses this year, and they have bounced back stunningly.  These are really the first big blooms of the year, but they are gorgeous!

The cross vine, so ugly and bare for most of the year, pops into color for a few weeks in the spring. For whatever reason, this year the cross vine looks worse than it has in past years...  But the individual flower is beautiful.

Transplant trials

I have not purchased a whole lot of new plants this year.  I am sort of waiting to see what fills in, and where the empty spots are after the bluebonnets are gone.  But I have transplanted a few things.  I am finally to a point where a few of my plants have grown enough that I can divide them.

Monday, April 8, 2019

April Flowers

With the bluebonnets clustered at the base of the my one blooming iris, this photo just screams spring.  These are the free irises I picked up two years ago at Natural Gardener.  Last year I had one, low-growing bloom, but this year I have the full things.  There is one more bloom sprouting behind it.  Since i didn't pick these out, I have no idea what variety they are.  I love them anyway :o)

This is the time of year for my Foxglove to be center stage. 

I transplanted my first one from behind the gate three years ago, and it has tripled in size.  Two years ago I transplanted two more.  They are blooming this year, and I hope them to really fill in this.  

There are a couple more beyond the fence that I may transplant as well.

And the roses that I gave a pretty hard pruning to in February are starting to reap the rewards.  First blooms are just appearing.

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