Monday, June 30, 2014

A few new plants

I bought a few new plants this week to fill in some empty holes.  Unklike most purchases, I did not research what plants I wanted and pick only Texas natives that wold do well in Austin... I just went to Home Depot and picked up things that plucked my fancy.  These types of purchases generally don't do well for me, but I only spent $30, so I guess it is okay :o)

Dianthus Allwoodii Sarah
There was a big blank space left over from my deceased Black Foot Daisy.  I purchased two Dianthus Allwoodii Sarah.  I really just wanted to replace it with another blackfood daisy, but Home Depot didn't have any, so I just picked these up.  No idea how they'll do.

Salvia Farinacea Henry Duelberg
While at Home Depot, I saw a plant that I have seen around the neighborhood and loved:  Salvia Farinacea Henry Duelberg.  And it was on sale, for $7, so I bought it.  I didn't really have any idea how I was going to use it, but I went ahead and planted it in the north fence bed between the Bottlebrush and Esperanza.  Again, no idea how it will do.  BUt a quick google search indicates it is a Texas Native and needs little care.  So of my purchase, this guy may be the winner!

Ixora Maur Red
And my last purchase was to fill an empty spot in the front door bed.  I've planted all sorts of stuff there.  Nothing really does very well.  So I just planted this because it will look pretty for a short while.  I fully expect it to perish!  So I am thinking of it as more of a 'decoration'.  It is an Ixora "maui red" shrub.  In fact, a quick google search indicates:

Some plants are very temperature sensitive and require conditions not found in central TX. They grow beautifully in Zone 10 or higher, but not well in our climate and environment. I have not had success growing many of these well in Austin yet they are seen at local nurseries every year.

So I will enjoy it for the summer - or maybe just July :o)

Saturday, June 7, 2014


We have gotten the most amazing harvest of peaches this year. We think it is because of the late frost oddly enough, and the slight higher than usual amount of rain.  We probably should have culled some of the peaches earlier, as the amount of peaches has heavily weighed down the lower branches.

At this point, we've pulled out at least three buckets of peaches.  We have eaten the fresh, made peach cobbler and given them away.  I am just now making my second batch of cobbler, and Dave thinks we have at least two or three more buckets to gather!

We even had a few peaches go bad before we could eat them!  
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