Saturday, May 18, 2019

St Johns Wort blooms - only time in seven years!!!

In 2012, I bought a small container of St John's Wort from Natural Gardener and planted it in my porch garden bed.  Over the years it has grown and grown, so much that it has taken over a large portion of that bed (and various plants in its way).  And yet, it has never bloomed.  Not once.  For SEVEN YEARS.

In fact, I had come to doubt that it was St John's wort. I have thought of it as some ugly, ground cover... though it really isn't that ugly.

Today, I was looking at my garden and saw this random yellow flower among the leaves of this plant.  Hmmm - what is growing up amongst my St John's wort???

I then realized that it was the plant in bloom.  And upon closer inspection, I found one other bloom. I am guess it being the seventh wettest April on record has something to do with it blooming.  It actually has a kind of pretty flower.

I wonder if I will have to wait seven years for it to bloom again?

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