Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mid - April Fruit Update

I really, really want some blackberries this year.   So we have been keeping a closer eye than usual on them.

About two weeks ago, Dave noticed that the leaves looked lighter green than he thought they should.  He took a sprig of leaf to the Natural Gardener, and they suggested we try adding iron.  Since they, we have applied two, maybe three applications of Seaweed with Iron.  The bottom leaves have started to darken, but the top leaves are still very bright.  In the photo, you can see how the veins are darker, but the main part of the leaf is still light.  I'll try putting another couple of applications of iron on them in the next few weeks.

On the plus side, there have been some blooms, and you can just see the tiny berries start to form.  

In the winter, I read that to make blackberry canes bush instead of being one long cane, you should prune back the tips.  I did this to one lone cane this winter, just as an experiment.   Here it is below.  It does seem to have branched out  more than the others, so I think I will try and do this to more canes next winter as well.

Fig Trees

Both fig trees are alive and growing.  The Celeste, in the back yard, suffered some significant cold damage.  But the branches seem to be quickly growing back!

Plum Tree
The plum tree has leafed out and looks pretty good.  No idea what the next step is for this guy.  Will it bloom? Any fruit?


The back peach tree has lots of peaches.  Some are even starting to get a little bit of color.  Woot!  The front peach (the one that always produces peaches that never ripen), has some small peaches on them.

The front grape vine, "Victoria Red" that Dave planted as a bare root a few weeks ago has plenty of leaves and is doing well.  As is the back grape vine. Both are vey small, and I doubt we will get grapes for many years - even assuming we keep them alive :o)

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