Tuesday, June 27, 2017

An inch of rain!

The Guara that I purchased earlier this year are really thriving!
Over the last few months, it seems like everyone else in Austin has gotten rain, and we've gotten nothing. But yesterday, we received over an inch of rain. Woot! All of the flowers and plants just soaked it up!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

New Plants

I have been planting a bunch of new things in my garden this spring.

Apricot Globe Mallow
I have been wanting a globe mallow for awhile, but no one had any in stock. Finally, I found a 5 gallon variety at a local nursery.  Bigger and pricier than I would normally like, but I think that its drought resistant properties will do really well at the bottom of the front garden bed.  Wouldn't you know, as I soon as I purchase this one, I found that NG has a bunch of smaller pots.  Oh well...

My Late Spring Garden

Some views of my spring garden.  The Guaras  and Knock Out Rose in the front, followed by non-blooming Cooper Canyon Daisies, Salvia Greggii, Four Aquare Primrose in the very back.

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