Saturday, June 1, 2019

Smiles for Strangers

This morning, I was quietly watering the new transplants in my garden, listening to the sound of the birds and watching the bees buzz in the Bee Balm.  

I noticed a walker on the sidewalk in front of my garden. It is not uncommon to see walkers, runners and bikers go past the front of our house. 

I noticed her, but she did not notice me... she was too busy looking at my garden.  When she finally noticed me, she started in surprise, then smiled and said, "Walking past your garden is the favorite part of my walk."

And that one comment made my day. 

 I love my garden.  I love the riot of color, the textures and the smells. I love the promise of a new transplant.  I love the joy when a plant takes off and really grows for the first time.  I love the dependability of established plants that come back year after year.

But even more, to know that my garden brings joy, not just to me, but to random people walking past. That through this love of mine, I can bring a smile to someone... without even being there.

It is a wonderful thing :o)

As I was still smiling from the interaction, and turning off the water, I glanced again toward the road.  A runner, going past, eyes perpendicular to his path.  Enjoying my garden.

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