Tuesday, April 14, 2015

An uplift for the asparagus

I noticed a few weeks ago that the taller asparagus plants were falling over.

When I was at the Natural Gardener, I talked to them about this.  They said that to prevent this, when I cut the stalks down in the fall to go dormant, I should cover the stalks with a solid layer of compost.  This will make the roots deeper, which will prevent the stalks from falling over.  Makes sense, I will try to remember to do that next November.

Her in-the-meantime suggestion was to tie the stalks up. Since the bending over of the stalks already caused one or two to die, I decided to try this when tidying up the garden this afternoon.  I only had two garden posts, so I used two tiki torches as well :o)

This hopefully will keep the stalks healthy, but it also had the added benefit of allowing me to see the smaller, newer plants, to water them.

While mulching the bed, I counted 21 total stalks.  

A few of these were so small, I am not confidant they will make it through the summer.  I ended the year last year with seventeen stalks.  Two did not make it through the winter.  I guess that means that fewer than half of the crowns I planted in the winter actually lived :o(


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