Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sweet Potato Slips

Another new venture for me.  I am trying to grow sweet potatoes for the first time.

I have been wanting to try sweet potatoes since last year, but I missed getting them into the ground in time.  I added it to my garden calendar in mid-April this year, so that I wouldn't forget.  Last week I called the Natural Gardener, and was told they would not have any slips until the end of April...  but then I got their email saying they were in.  So I rushed over to purchase a package... only to be told my one of the employees that they didn't have any in yet.  Fortunately, earlier as I was walking in, I saw a customer walking out with some sweet potatoes, and I asked him where they were located.  So, not to be thwarted by the employee, I wandered around until I found them!

I picked up the NG's paper on Sweet Potatoes, and was busily reading it when a very helpful employee asked if I had any questions.  He then gave me the entire low down on how to grow sweet potatoes.  I realized I would need a lot more room for them. So I decided to put them into the sandbox garden.  I purchased three bags of compost and a bag of dirt, mixed it into the existing sand, and planted these guys. 

I am not sure if the three bags of compost and one bag of dirt is enough to supplement the sand in the garden.  But we'll see.

Variety:  Beauregard
Red-orange skin; orange flesh.  High yields with little cracking.  Consisten in shape; resistant to some of the important sweet potatos diseases.  Not resistant to nematodeas
Planted:  April 18th
Days to harvest:  90 (July 17)

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