Saturday, April 16, 2016

The rain is a comin'!

With a 90% chance of rain in the forecast, and some of it heavy, this overcast Saturday seemed like a great day to do some of the transplanting I have been meaning to do for weeks.

I planted the Passion vine that my mother-in-law pulled up from her yard.

I then dug up the Mist Flower that I identified last fall and planted it in the front garden bed beside the other Mist Flower that I purchased last year.  I didn't do a great job getting all of the roots, so I'm not sure this one is going to make it, but we'll see!

I planted a packet of Purple Cone Flowers in the side back garden.  I planted some Coneflower plants here last year, but they died :o(  Second try.

And lastly, I pulled up to of the Penstemon Foxglove (?? not sure if that is what it really is) that had seeded behind the garden bed, and I transplanted it to the garden bed to be with the other one I transplanted last year.  The one from last year hung around limply all summer and fall, with one little leaf showing, and then bloomed up big and beautiful this spring.  So I am hoping these will do the same!

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