Monday, April 4, 2016

Penstemon Foxglove

When we first moved into the house, Dave threw a bunch of seeds outside the fence.  

Nine years later, this one bloomer keeps reappearing.  Last year, I dug him out from behind the fence and planted him inside my garden bed.  

I watered and nursed him along all summer. One small leaf was all it had. But as soon as the weather cooled, it started putting out more leaves and growth. 

And this year, I have a gorgeous spring plant in my bed.  I noticed two more in bloom behind the bed, so I am thinking of digging those up and transplanting them inside as well.  

After posting a question on the Austin Garden Bloggers facebook page, this plant was identified as possibly being Penstemon foxglove. I think one of the seeds Dave threw down was foxglove, so I am guessing this is it.  

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