Thursday, April 28, 2016

April Showers bring.. April Flowers :o)

This garden obviously has a lot of growing in to do, but for year two, I am loving the riot of colors!

Last year, I saw some Calylophus growing in a neighbors yard, and really loved the bright yellow sprawling plant.  So, last September I purchased three Square Bud Primrose, which are supposed to be the same thing. 

They certainly have the same flower, but I guess I had seen the Compact version in my neighbor's garden, because these are much taller than I expected. Still pretty though. Unfortunately, the plants are sort of falling over themselves.  Maybe from all the rain.

And the Mealy Blue Sage Sally Fun Blue that I purchased for table cenrterpieces have been blooming all spring.  These may be my new favorite!

And the Amazon Neon Duo Dianthus that I purchased this spring are in bloom. Honestly, I am not expecting this one to make it through the summer. It just doesn't have the look of a drought-durable plant to me.  But I will enjoy its blooms for now!

And here is the little Delphinium we purchased this Spring, my mom's favorite. Still hanging in... for now ;o)

And the transplanted Twist Leaf Yucca is putting up two flower spikes, a few weeks later than the one on the right half of the bed.

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