Saturday, April 16, 2016


Almost everything that I planted last week has sprouted!

The cucumbers have all come up and are looking good!

So have both zucchini hills!

And the honeydew was looking good... until I stepped on it :o(

Only one of the cantaloupes has come up, the other spots is completely empty... but I will give it a few days.

But the really sad garden news is that my fingerling potatoes have all died.  They started looking spotty about two weeks ago.  I thought that it was from putting the extra dirt on them... some of the dirt got on the leaves, and I thought that was where the brown spots came from.  But around a week later, the three end most plants shriveled up and the rest were looking really wimpy.  I pulled out the Serenade and sprayed them all down, but a few days later, they all looked like this.  Very sad :o(

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