Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pruning roses on Valentine's Day

Another beautiful day, I decided to get out and prune the roses today.  I started with the two in the side bed.  I have learned that pruning them creates a much prettier, bushier shrub - even though it always makes me nervous to cut them back!

I then started on the rose bushes in the porch bed.  This was especially hard this year, because the red knock out had such a beautiful shape to it already.  But as much as these things grow, I know it is good to start off the year with a severely cut back plant. 

Every year I feel like I have really savaged the plant, cutting it waaaay back, but it alway's seems to recover. 

So, this year, I really cut back- on some branches, I clearly was cutting past two or three years of growth.  We'll see how it grows!

Below are the before and after pictures of the side bed roses. They were so small that I didn't cut much.

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