Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Early February Garden Update

On this pretty day, I just realized how great my garden looks. So I thought I'd give a quick garden update :o)

In comparing to last year, I got these guys in the ground much earlier.  I already have many small blooms and even some fruit starting to form. I have watered diligently and fertilized with Flower Power once a month and Liquid Seaweed every two weeks.  So, I have high hopes of getting more than five berries this year.  Fingers crossed.

The lettuce is doing great.  Five plants is perfect to keep us with regular evening salads and lettuce for sandwiches. I accidentally picked up some red lettuce, which the boys don't like. I swear in the store it wasn't red??? The red ones haven't grown much and don't get eaten much.  But all in all, lettuce is the one thing I am harvesting right now, and we love it!

My four broccoli plants are all doing very well. They all currently have a medium sized head on them. In future years, I think I would stagger the planting of these, because as of right now, it looks like in a few weeks, I am going to have a *ton* of broccoli, and I'd rather have it spaced out a bit!

The cabbage is growing and looks healthy.  The insides are starting to curl together, but not as much as I would expect.  But I think everything is okay!

Snow peas
These guys have really started growing.  No sign of any blooms (and thus no vegetables).  But they do look strong and healthy.  I have been diligently giving them Flower Power and Liquid Seaweed, so I am not sure why I haven't seen any blooms yet. Having never grown them before, I am not sure what size they get to when they start to bloom.

The onions have settled in and starting to develop new leaves, so they all seem to be doing fine.

These random garlics that I found and transplanted in the garden have not really taken off.  They are all alive and doing well, but i am not hopeful of getting any cloves from them.  But hey, you can't beat the price ;o)

Radishes and Beets
All of the seedlings have come up and a few of the radishes are even getting their second set of leaves.  I have already thinned the radishes some, and will continue to do so.  (The big plant in the middle of them is a spinach plant re-seeded from last year.  It was doing so well, I thought I'd keep it!

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