Sunday, February 21, 2016

An early Spring

The Veronica Georgia blue that I planted last year is doing great.  I really like this plant. It was a little hard to keep alive during the hot dry summer, but in the cool spring, it really shines. Because it has such a small flower, this plant would do better in a mass planting.  I may purchase four or five small plants again this year to fill out the area.

While there are many bluebonnets already in bloom throughout the city, mine to be a bit slower to start. The bluebonnet seeds that I purchased through a school fundraiser last year are all starting to come up.  They are quite a few weeks away from blooming, but I love their foliage!

My least favorite shrub, the Primrose Jasmine, is in bloom this year.  It was trimmed way back last year, but seems to be recovering.

My four nerve daisies are also all in bloom. This is another that really needs more plants to fill in the area.  If I see any small ones for sale this year, I might pick up a few more. They are so drought resistant and I love to see their yellow heads nodding in the breeze :o)

The black foot daisies, which usually die to the ground each winter, have made it through this mild winter with many leaves intact.  The leaves that are already green are starting to put out some blooms.  They should look great in a week or so!

As should the Mountain Laurels! Again, I see many of these in bloom around town already, but mine always be a little slow to start.

And this brave Dwarf Coreopsis is hanging in for another year.

For a couple of weeks, my transplanted twist leaf yucca has been putting up a bloom stalk.  I had no idea it took so long to actually bloom.

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