Sunday, January 31, 2016

Red and Yukon Gold Potatoes Planted

Following the instructions from NG, yesterday I dug 6 inch furrows and then watered down the soil.  Today  I planted the red potatoes and the Yukon Gold Potatoes in the furrow, covered with around 3 inches of soil.  Planting them around 10 inches apart (maybe a little less), I did not have enough room to also plant the fingerling potatoes.

Also, the ideal planting time is around February 12th, which makes today a little early.  So, since there was not enough room, I thought I'd go ahead and wait a week to plant the Fingerling potatoes.  I'll buy another two bags of compost to mix with the existing sand and plant them in a new section of the garden - maybe toward the front where this is more sun.

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