Friday, January 8, 2016

January Garden

Today was a gorgeous 70 degree day.  One of those amazing Texas winter days that reminds you why you love Texas, despite the hundred degree summers!

So, it seemed like a great day to get out and plant my winter garden.  It was a little earlier than in past years, but it was so beautiful, it seemed like perfect timing.

This year I planted two sets, the standard Yellow 1015, and then some variety of red onion (I didn't write down its name...)  

As usual, the sets come with twenty or more onions - way more onions than I need.  

So, I planted some out in the garden bed by the peaches.  I have never gotten any produce from that garden, but hopefully the onions won't be overly appealing to the rabbits that grazed my strawberries to bits!

Cabbage - Savoy Drumand
I planted two more cabbage plants to the one I planted last month.  Sadly, the new ones are already bigger than the plant I put in the ground last month.  It always seem that the nursery plants grow so much quicker than my own.  I have even been fertilizing every two weeks with Liquid Seaweed.

Broccoli - Green magic
I planted four broccoli plants this year.  We really enjoyed the fresh broccoli last year.  This year, each of the tiny plants seems to have a small head of broccoli already growing.  This seems to early to me.  So I'll have to see what develops.

Snap Peas
The guy at NG suggested I try Snap Peas.  He said they were easy to grow. We'll see.  

I planted three pots of them. Unfortunately, most of the pots had three plants, but one of the ones I wound up with only had one plant in it. I'm not sure how I missed that.  

My strawberries have grown some, but not as much as I had hoped. 

According to the "books", they should be having runners by now, but they are not yet large enough for that.  No flowers either.  Hopefully we'll get more strawberries than last year's harvest of six or so berries.  Last year, I didn't even plant the plants until around this time.

(Parisee and Butter crunch and two unknowns)
The lettuce is growing nicely. I have not yet harvested any of it, as I purchased a big tub of green over Christmas, and we are still eating them down. But I think most of the plants are ready for a light harvest.  Yum!

I planted six new crowns of Asparagus.  Last year, my total number of asparagus plants didn't increase, despite planting a bunch of new plants.  I am not sure if that is because some of my old ones died, or because none of the new ones really took off.  

This year, I picked crowns that already had asparagus shoots growing from them.  We'll see if they grow any better.

I also, very nervously, followed directions I was given to cover the old crowns in a couple inches of manure. 

I am so nervous that they won't come up.  This is their third year, so this is the time when I should get a real harvest.  To kill them now would be heart breaking. Perhaps I should have only covered half of them?  

Last year, I had shoots appearing around the first week in February, so I guess I'll know in a few weeks!

Garlic - I think

My freebie garlic (or whatever it is), hasn't grown much.  Considering I pulled the sets apart and transplanted them, they may still be growing roots.  Or not...

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