Sunday, May 10, 2015

New Plant and Transplants

With 4 to 12 inches of rain predicted for the upcoming week, it seemed like a good time to put down some new plants, as well as move some existing seedlings.

Dave was at Lowe's yesterday and I asked him to stop by the clearance counter to see what they might have.  It turns out they had a really nice 3 foot Black Night butterfly bush on clearance for $6.  So he picked it up for me.  I was super excited, because I love butterfly bushes, but don't have one in the yard.  So, I started searching for a place to put it.  It is too big for the front porch beds, and probably too big for the front yard bed.  The side bed was full... So I decided to out it along the back fence.  It is my hope to eventually line the fence with plants, so this seemed like a good start.

With the expected rain, I also decided to move around some freebie seedlings that I have seen sprout up. After planting for eight years, some of my original plants are pretty established, and are even re-seeding.  Woot! Nothing like free plants!  

I found a tiny Esperanza in my porch bed.  I moved it to the back fence.

I found a tiny fountain grass that I moved to the front yard bed.

And I transplanted another Coral Honeysuckle to the left fence bed.

When we first moved into the house, Dave bought a Turk's cap for the front garage bed (the one with the primrose jasmine). Over the years, the bushes have gotten bigger, and this guy has gotten totally swallowed.  It tried to move it last year, but only managed to decapitate it :o(. It is pretty far back in the bed and hard to get to.  This year, I asked Dave to help me move.  Now I know why it was so hard to do out last year... This thing has roots that are an inch thick.  We really had to cut the root ball to get it kut of the ground.  So I have no idea if this plant will grow... But I figured we couldn't see it in the back bed, so might as well take a chance.

Oh, and last Christmas, after the holiday had passed, Trader Joes was giving out free little plants.  Mine has kept alive all winter, so I decided to try and put it in the ground.  I don't even know what kind of plant this is, but I thought I'd just give it a try.

I also tried another Morning Glory transplant into the back corner bed. I pulled a whole bunch of the stuff off of the back porch.  On a whim, I buried it in the back bed.  if it would take root, I think it would look really pretty back there. I have tried this before, but the plants have never taken off... Of course, we've never gotten as much rain as we have this spring. So, the other day, I checked in on the transplant, and was very surprised to see that parts of it were living!

So when I saw a small morning glory in the middle of the yard, I dug it out and moved it as well.  Can't hurt, I figure!

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