Sunday, May 10, 2015

Crushing blackberries :o(

After babying my blackberries all winter long, fertilizing them, putting Serenade on them, mulching them.. In return I get.... Nothing :o(

About two days ago, I noticed one or two pieces of fruit getting hard spots on them.  It was toward the end, and I figured I just missed them with the Sernade.  The. I looked at them yesterday, and about half of them had it.  I ran over to the NG, tears in my eyes.  He said the canes had a fungus disease called anthracite.  He called the berries mummy berries.  His suggestion was to wait until all the fruit was gone and cut the canes to the ground.  In the meantime, pull off all the mummified fruit.  Well, that is most of it.  And it is sort of hard to tell which ones are mummified, and which are turning black.  I probably pulled off thirty berries... Most of them.  I sprayed the remaining one with a Serenade.  This spread so quickly, I doubt I will get any fruit this year :o(. But maybe I am closer to understanding what is wrong with the plants.

A sad tale.

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