Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Trimming Roses on Valentines

The traditional day for trimming back roses is Valentine's Day, I am told.  So, when today's cool morning warmed up into a beautiful afternoon, I figured it was time.

Last year's prune job on the knock-out rose.
I have come a long way with pruning.  It used to be that I was so glad a plant was growing, I refused to trim or cut it in anyway.  But last year I cut back the knockout rose by a third (the recommended amount), and he grew back just fine.   My goal is the same as last year, to keep the bush bushy, and to let the other roses catch up.  

So this year, I thought I cut him back even more.... But in looking at the photo I took on February 22nd last year, I see that maybe the trim is about the same.

But, I know I did go a little deeper on some of the really thick branches. There are many branches going in the wrong direction (toward the patio), or that shoot straight up. My hope is if I do a heavy pruning this year, the bush will be bushier next.

We'll see.  

I'm still a little nervous.

I did cut back the other roses a bit.  The end rose I trimmed back a few branches to a third their size, and the small middle rose bush I just trimmed the branches by the patio.

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