Sunday, February 8, 2015

Three weeks in

We have had some beautiful warm days recently, and no recent frosts.  The upcoming week is calling for days in the mid-70s, and lows in the high 40s, low 50s. So things should start taking off.


All of my strawberries are still alive.  They all have one set of leaves.  The ones in the garden get more sun, and they are working on a second set of leaves. The ones in our old sandbox are shaded for half the day, and they are much smaller and only have one set of leaves.  I am not confidant at all that they will grow enough to produce by mid-March, April, but we'll see.  

Three weeks in, I think I am supposed to give them a heavy nitrogen fertilizer. Though I get a bunch of differing info from different sites.  I don't think I have any with just nitrogen, so I might just give them some Garden Pep.

I had to make this extra large show you can see the tiny shoot on the left side of this photo :o)
Of the fifteen or so new plants I put in three weeks ago, eight have teeny tiny asparagus heads coming up.  A rate of 50% may not be ideal, but it does seem to be my batting average.  

Of my old plants, I also have eight of the seventeen showing growth.  I am not sure if the remaining plants are dead, or just not up yet.  Two of the shoots are large enough to harvest!

My radishes are coming in pretty strong.  I am going to have to go in and thin them - something I sort of resist, but I know is for the best.  I also might throw down some extra seeds in the next week or so, to get a spread out harvest.

I have some teeny tiny carrots seeds starting to appear.


Both raspberry bushes are showing some serious foliage.  The blackberry looks dead (I am thinking it is)

No life yet.

The backyard fig may just be showing tiny buds of life, but it may also be my optimism :o)  The side fig may also.  Or it could just be left overs from last year.  Not sure!


The peaches are just showing tiny buds.  Now is probably the time to trim off those large lower limbs, so mowing won't be such a pain!

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