Thursday, February 19, 2015

Planting potatoes

I purchased a bunch of potatoes from the Natural Gardener again this year. In addition to the red potatoes and ratte potatoes that I planted last year, I also picked up some Yukon Gold.  I should have counted before I put them in, but I am guessing I had almost twenty different "parts".  For the bigger potatoes, I cut them into golf ball sized portions which had at least two eyes.

In digging the ground to put the potatoes in, I ran across a bunch of potatoes from last year.  They came up in the fall, and then died in the freeze.  They are probably not good for anything, but I threw them on top of the other potatoes. We'll see what comes up.  A couple of things I did different from last year.  I forgot to water the potatoes 2 days before I planted them.  We had a decent rain earlier this week, but the soil may be too dry.   I also mixed up the varieties within the bed.  Not for any good reason, but I was sort of short on space.

A few of the potatoes were budding, but most were not.  I'm not feeling overly confident this year... but we'll see.

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