Friday, February 13, 2015

Blackberries, tomatoes and more

I purchased some potatoes from the N atural Gardener today.  I am going to cut and air them today; I also prepared the soil for them.

Okay, I seriously know better than this.  

I do.  

But I was at the Natural Gardener, and they had tomatoes for sale... complete with lots of "It is too early to put tomatoes in the ground" warning signs.  

But after a miserable year of tomatoes last year, I *really* want some tomatoes.  

And today is a gorgeous 60 degree day.

And I want to get them in early.  

And there  is a freeze forecasted for mid-week next week. 

Too early.  Yeah, I know.  Maybe I can keep them warm?

But hey, it was only $3. ;o)


My tall guy before he got lopped
These blackberry brambles are at least five years old.  In fact, in total, I have around 17 brambles at this point.  

And I've never gotten a blackberry off of them. 

Never. :o(

Every year, I say, this is going to be the year I figure out what is going on with them. Maybe this year will be it!  

I went ahead and weeded the bed and put down fertilizer.  We'll see what happens in three weeks.

I also read somewhere online that you are supposed to cut tall brambles, to encourage branching.  Well, none of my blackberries branch, they are all just straight sticks.  So i took my tallest guy and lopped him.  We'll see if he starts branching.  

Something is eating my tender little strawberry plants.  The five in the garden are doing great, but the ones in the sand box are just nubs.  Every leaf that sprouts is soon eaten.  I tried to move the metal fence around to keep out whatever critter is snacking (I'm thinking rabbits).  I also fertilized the nubs - hey why not?

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