Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Obedient plant and St. John's wort

A few years ago I purchased an obedient plant for one of my front beds.  It was completely overtaken by the other primrose jasmine in the bed, so I decided to try transplanting it to my back bed.  Now, I vaguely recall my mother saying to remember that an  'Obedient plant isn't very obedient at all', but it seemed like a good idea. 

Since I have planted it in the back bed, it has taken over :o(. I am forever pulling it up, and it even killed my tropical milkweed.  So, I decided to try and transplant it one more time to the very back corner bed... The bed where I can get nothing to grow.  I figure we'll let this guy take over there, if he can.  And if not, no worries, it is basically a weed anyway.

About two years ago, I also purchased a St John's wort for the back porch bed.  This thing also has a tendency to take over... And I've never gotten a flower out of it, huge though it has grown.  As I was pulling it out of my other shrubs, I decided I'd give this one a go in the back corner bed as well.  

Let those two pushy plants fight it out... 

Since nothing else will grow there.  

We'll see if either of them make it,

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