Sunday, March 29, 2015

A huge new project

When the builders built the road in front of our house (before our house was built), they had to cut into the hill to make the road level. This make a steep incine right at the front of our house.  When they built our house, they put a small retaining wall in the front, and then put grass on the remainder of the hill.  Over the years, the grass has not thrived and weed whacking the whole thing is a pain! Over the years, the hill looked worse and worse.

Dave had the idea of building the wall higher and leveling out the yard.  But after getting an estimate of $10k to build the wall, we decided to go another route. 

I worked with my mom to plan the front bed, and this weekend I worked on the left third of the garden (it is over 80 feet in length).  I am pretty pleased with the results.

The boys helped me to haul two very large rocks over, and then D dug all of my deep holes - which I really appreciated!!

I purchased a knock-out rose to go in the left hand corner.  It will eventually fill in the space, but right now, I think I need a few small flowers to go in front.

I transplanted a twisted leaf yucca from the back area outside the fence. We'll see if this one makes it, as I know I didn't get its whole root system.

I purchased three hymenoxys (sold under the name four nerve daisy). I also purchased a bamboo muhly from Vivero Nursery, since Natural Gardener was sold out.  The plant is fairly small, but the gardener at the nursery told me it will fill out pretty quickly.

I purchased three black foot daisies from Natural Gardener, these white daisies are a favorite of mine :o) 

I really had to work with the hill, because in places it was so steep, I couldn't get the mulch to stand. I like the look of the 'rock cliff' in the bed, so I decided to not even try to mulch over it.  Instead I placed a pot on the wall.  I hope to get an agave from the Natural Gardener later this week.

There were also four bluebonnets in the bed, so I dug around them and kept them.  I didn't put any weed cloth around them, hoping they will re-seed. Dave thinks the seeds won't re-seed in the mulch, so I might have to pull the mulch back in that area around Memorial Day...

I also planted three of the artemisia that I picked up last week on clearance at Lowe's.

The last shrub I purchased was a total whim.  My mother-in-law went with me to the Natural Gardener to find something that would grow well in her partially shaded, deer-eaten front bed.  She picked up two Pixie Purple Loropetalum.  I know nothing about them, but really liked the shrub.  I was going to plant some purple heart, but these are supposed to be more deciduous than the purple heart, and this bed is going to need some color in the winter!



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