Thursday, October 4, 2018

Heart Leaf Skullcap Revival

This past Spring, I went on a quest to find and grow some Heartleaf Skullcap.  it proved to be somewhat difficult to find, and even harder to grow (for me).

My first find was at the Wildflower Native Plant Sale, but that plant, unfortunately, had been recently transplanted and had no roots.  It died immediately.  I then found a nice sized plant at NG, and then two weeks later, three smaller sized plants.  The gallon sized plant didn't make it through the long summer, with me gone for a week in the hot middle.  The other three hung on, but then finally succumbed to the heat and drought.  By the end of the summer, the only Heartleaf Skullcap I had left was this sad little fellow.  See its poor little head drooping on the ground?

 But lo and behold, after three weeks of rain, I have found tiny little seedlings popping up around three of the four dead plants. We will have to see how they do this fall, and if they develop enough roots to make it through the winter - but online sources say it is cold-hardy.

There is nothing quite as exciting as finding a plant you thought was dead, is still alive - even if barely.


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