Sunday, October 28, 2018

Butterflies abound!

I absolutely adore this time of year.  Everything seems to just burst into bloom.  Of them all, perhaps my favorite fall flower is the White Mistflower.  Most of the year, it looks like a pretty ugly bush.  In fact, I must admit, I sometimes just ignore it, watering everything around it.

And then, for two weeks in the falls, it bursts into the white blooms that attract *every*single*butterfly in the neighborhood.  No joke, when I clap my hands by the front shrubs, at least fifty tiny butterflies take flight.

And for whatever reason, the ones in the back are the ones that attract the Monarchs.  I often see six or more Monarchs on one bush.

Around the same time that the mistflowers burst into bloom, these Plateau Goldeneye (Viguiera dentata) that fill our back woods suddenly go from tiresome weeds to gorgeous yellow plants.  

 The bees love them.

But that is not all that is in bloom. 

Esperanza, especially the large native variety in my backyard, goes into overdrive, attracting large bumblebees.

The Skyflower Duranta puts forth another fling of colors, attracting its own butterflies.

My new Mexican Tarragon, planted just this year, is showing a little color.

 As are the new fall asters.

 The whole back yard looks lush and overgrown, in a wonderful, fall kind of way :o)  The Chinquapin is starting to change color, the Chinaberry (overgrown weed that it is) is colorful with yellow berries.  And the Firebush is filling everything with its red flowers.

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