Thursday, October 4, 2018

Fall Rains

This has to be one of the most unusual Septembers in my memory.  It started raining on Labor Day, and has been raining pretty much ever since. And since I planted a bunch of new plants on Labor Day weekend, I have been feeling like a champ!!

This is probably the prettiest my side bed has looked, since I first planted it.  The Salvia gregii has burst into bloom, what with all of the rain, and the Henry Deulberg sage in the back is also in bloom.  It is in the hottest, driest part of the garden, and limps its way through August.  But it is really shining right now.

You can see the new Anthony Waterer Spirea I got from my freebie Lowe's sale is filling in.  The bottle brush, that died back to nothing after this cold winter, has a few stalks going.  No blooms this year, but I am happy it is alive.  

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