Sunday, March 19, 2017

Front Garden Bed

With the mild winter and decent amount of rain, the bluebonnets in the front year have never looked better!  Here is a quick inventory of all the plants in the front garden bed - so I can compare in future years... assuming they live!

The front garden bed, now officially in year 3, looks great for this early in spring. I am really hoping that some of these plants really take off this year!
(Photos from 3/19) 

Pride of Barbados - 2015
This is always my last plant to appear.  Last year it did not appear until the summer (I was sure it was dead).  I don't expect to see it appear for months.

Copper Canyon Daisy - 2015
I can never remember if these die back in the winter or not.  This year, they died back for sure. I can see a few small plants starting up from the roots.  And after visiting NG, I saw they cut their back as well.  I have had a little spreading in the leftmost plant, which is exciting :o) It is hard to believe they get so big, starting from the roots each year!

Tropical Milkweed - 2016
The tropical milkweed I transplanted last year made it through its first summer and first winter.  It is just starting to appear.  

Trailing white lantana - 2015
Just starting to appear, as you might expect.  It looks like only one of the three might have made it through the winter, but I am hoping the others are just late starters...

Bicolor salvia (?)  - 2016
I honestly don't remember what this little plant is - which feels sort of fickle, since it made it through the dry summer and cold winter. I am thinking it is the bicolor salvia that Dave bought me last year on clearance from Lowe's, but it looks more like Mealy Blue Sage...  Whatever it is, it is alive!

Esperanza - 2015
This plant is one of my go-to plants, it is so easy to grow, and provide great color through the summer, when most other plants are gasping for air.

Calylophus - 2015
These died back over the winter, but are starting to bud out.  One plant is doing waaay better than the others.  I am hoping they will begin blooming in the next month!

Salvia Gregorii - 2015
This plant looks really, really good.  And with the warm winter, it has already leafed out and is in bloom.  Right now, this is the best looking plant in the front garden!

Black Foot Daisy - 2015
Of the six plants I originally planted, only one is still hanging on. The others have succumbed to either drought or cold.

Americana Agave - 2015
Given to me by a neighbor, the smallest of the three plants died in the first year. But the other two are doing great.  In fact, the largest one has been sending out shoots.  Kind of interesting, the shoots appear about a foot, foot and a half from the main plant, connected by a large white tube. I really don't want a bed of agaves, so as interesting as they are, I must admit that I cut them all back!

Purple coneflower - 2016
I planted these last year, and was so surprised to see that they made it through the winter.  They never did bloom last year, I planted them too late.  Here is hoping we get to see them this year!

Flame acanthus - 2015
Still recovering from the winter, but this shrub is just starting to show small leaves on its dry branches!  I cut the shrub branches back by a third to cut of the dead ends.

Duranta Skyflower - 2015
I am really thinking this shrub may take off this year, being in its third year. It did real well last year, and while the main plant has died back, there are strong sprouts coming up from its roots.  

Knock Out Roses - 2015
Both knock out roses are doing fantastic! They are in bloom and bringing some color to this late winter/early spring bed.

Freebie Salvia - 2015
These are the ones that I got from a cutting from a neighbor.  They are popping up and spreading all over. Sadly, not really in the direction that I want them to spread, but hey, they are alive :o)  I did transplant one of the plants from the edge of the bed back toward the center. NG has this same plant.  I asked them its name, but then promptly forgot it.

Autumn Joy Sedum - 2015
For some reason, I can't find any mention of these in my blog.  I purchased them two years ago on clearance, never expecting them to make it through the summer. They did, and then showed up again last year.  And here they are again, back for a third year.  

Lion's tail - 2015
From a clearance rack at Lowe's, this has become one of my favorite plants.  I love its unusual flower, and last year, it did so well, with no effort from me.  I'd like to pick up a few more to put in the same area, to fill it out.

White Mist Flower - 2015
Both the one I purchased from BG in 2015 (left) and the one I transplanted last year from the back are doing well.

Mealy Blue Sage Sally Fun - 2016
Purchased last year for the LASA New parent welcome, these plants wound up blooming all summer, and then making it through the winter as well.  A few blooms have already appeared

Bamboo Muhly - 2015
Two are alive, one appears to have not made it. Because of the harsh winter, I cut these guys back.

Purple Pixie - 2015

Four nerve daisy - 2015

Plants that didn't make it this year:

Purple verbena - 2016
I really liked this plant last year, as it bloomed from the moment it was planted until the first frost.  But it looks like it didn't make it through the winter :o(  I will keep an eye on it, just in case I see some small spikes, but as of now, I see absolutely no life

Early Sunrise Coreopsis - 2015
Unfortunately, this plant, which did so well last year, did not make it through the winter :o(

Arizona Sun Blanket - 2015
These plants are soooo incredibly beautiful in the spring.  But they really limp along during the hot summer.  And honestly, last year I just gave up on them. I didn't have the time or patience to water them as regularly as they needed.

Amazon Neon Duo Dianthus - 2016
I bought this last year, never expecting it to make it through the summer, but it did.  No sign of it this year, though. I can't even remember where I planted it!

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