Tuesday, November 15, 2016

New Strawberry Plants and an Alien

Found this huge grub while digging strawberry holes. Internet seems to identify him as a June Bug Larvae
Bare root strawberry plants are in!  I went to the store intending to purchase one 5 pack, but then I saw they were only $2.29, and I thought, hmm, I really need six... so I'll just pick up two packs.  I planted the five chandlers in the strawberry patch over by the asparagus, and the seascape in the far strawberry patch.

These new strawberries are so small, you can't even see them!

Looking at my garden log from last year, it looks like I've gotten these in the ground two weeks before I did last year. Here is hoping that  the extra two weeks will result in stronger plants and more strawberries (and that the rabbits stay out of the garden this year!)

While digging holes in the garden for the plants, I found this huuuuuge grub.  It must be three or four inches long! I have never seen one this big before.  I must admid, I have a slightly vengeful enjoyment in feeding the chickens all of the grubs I find.  But this guy is so big, I'm afraid he'd eat the chickens ;o) The internet seems to think this is the larvae of a June bug. I'm thinking it is some visiting alien!

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