Sunday, November 13, 2016


On this pretty Sunday, I thought I'd take some time to clean up my blackberry bed. It seems I never think of this poor forgotten shrub until I want some fruit from it. So I decided to weed out its bed, add some coffee grounds to lower the pH (I think this bed is very low on iron for some reason), and add some 3 month fertilizer. I figure that will be a good start to get it through the winter months. And then maybe this spring I can finally get some fruit!

I count around twenty canes. My notes tell me that every summer, I should cut back the old canes to the ground (the ones the produced fruit that year).  But since I never get much fruit in the spring, come summer, I tend to turn my back on these shrubs and ignore them in spite.  Of the twenty canes, two are very small, and the rest are tall. Maybe the tall ones are second year, and the two small first?

No idea.  Anyway, they can't complain of neglect this fall!

I also took this beautiful day to fertilizer my garden with John's Recipe. I figure it is time to give my seedlings and baby plants a boost :o)

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