Friday, December 2, 2016

Cut back the Asparagus

Many notes I have read suggest that we cut back Asparagus in late November, early December. Apparently, some fallow time makes the plants grow better in the spring.

So I cut back the huge, four foot long stalks yesterday.  Counting the crowns is hard, because I have a couple of crowns that obviously started out as one, but now I think are multiple crowns.

So, if you can all of the areas as one crown (like the one above is one crown), then I have around 14 old crowns and seven new crowns. Five of the new crowns are the ones I planted this spring, and two others are freebies that popped up this year.

So, next February, when things start to pop up, I am hoping I can refer back to this page, to see how many crowns I lost over the winter...

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