Monday, April 8, 2019

April Flowers

With the bluebonnets clustered at the base of the my one blooming iris, this photo just screams spring.  These are the free irises I picked up two years ago at Natural Gardener.  Last year I had one, low-growing bloom, but this year I have the full things.  There is one more bloom sprouting behind it.  Since i didn't pick these out, I have no idea what variety they are.  I love them anyway :o)

This is the time of year for my Foxglove to be center stage. 

I transplanted my first one from behind the gate three years ago, and it has tripled in size.  Two years ago I transplanted two more.  They are blooming this year, and I hope them to really fill in this.  

There are a couple more beyond the fence that I may transplant as well.

And the roses that I gave a pretty hard pruning to in February are starting to reap the rewards.  First blooms are just appearing.

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