Friday, March 29, 2019

Butterfly Blue Pincushion Flower

I purchased these off the clearance rack of Lowe's in 2017.  I put three in my front bed, and two in the backyard west fence bed. 

In a classic example of how some plants thrive in one location and do not do well in another, the front ones grew and bloomed, while the back ones did very little. Eventually, I transplanted the back ones into the front bed.

Last year, these plants bloomed, but they were surrounded by blue bonnets, and their little purple flowers were lost among the huge blue bonnets. So this year, I pulled the bluebonnets away from this plant, and now they really shine :o)

This flower does not appear in many (any?) native Texas gardening webpages, so I am guessing they are not native. However, since purchasing these, I have seen some for sale at Natural Gardener. I have found that they are full sun, evergreen and grow 12 to 18 inches.  I would say that the mound of green in more like six inches, but then the flowers pop up six inches above the mound.  Because it is evergreen, it is an early spring bloomer.

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