Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Spring Flowers!

Winter is finally firmly in the rear view mirror, and the first bright blooms of spring are popping up. 

My Foxglove Penstenom (or whatever it is) is looking beautiful.  The one that I transplanted two years ago has multiple blooms, and last year's transplants all have one beautiful stalk.  There are even a few more behind the fence that I may transplant this year.  This is one of my first bloomers every spring, and I love its pastel beauty!

Of course, our huge field of bluebonnets is taking over the yard and the garden.  They look really pretty with the yellow Jerusalem Sage in bloom in the back.

Or nestled up to my Knockout Rose.  The truth is, I really need to pull out some of these, as they are overshadowing everything else in the garden, but they are so beautiful... 

I love the huge variety of colors, with the red tips of Gaura and coral  Globemallow in bloom in the foreground, the yellow and blue behind, and the Knockout Rose in the back.  It just screams spring :)

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