Friday, March 16, 2018

A Time of Hope

After such a cold winter, we are more than ready for spring.  Every day, I walk the path of my gardens looking to see what new sprouts I see.

I know from the harsh winter, that I will lose some plants, so every new green sprout brings a smile to my face.  There are still many plants I am anxiously awaiting to see their fate.  I have seen no life from my Datura, from my Black and Blue Salvia, from any of my Plumbagos, from my Mexican Honeysuckle or my Tropical Milkweed but just this week I have seen some small leaves from my new Hyssops and I am holding my breath to see what a small bit of green at the bottom of one of my Firecracker Ferns turns into (could be a weed)

I have seen the dead branches of my white mist flower suddenly over-night bloom with leaves. I see one small leaf at the bottom of my Skyflower Duranta that indicates it will be waking soon.  All of my Day Lillies have popped, including the three new ones I planted last year.

My Foxglove/Larkspur, or whatever it is is starting to really grow, and I know I will have blooms in less than a month.  Five of the new (free!) Irises I planted last year are all getting bigger. No sign of a bloom yet, and maybe not in their first year, but they are alive.

The plum tree has leaves, and the peaches are starting to bloom.

I look back at photos from last year, and my garden is certainly way further behind than last year. But give it a few weeks, and I hope it will be beautiful!

I truly love the hope of Spring!

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  1. i'm so happy for you but SOOOOO jealous for me. Love Mom


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