Thursday, May 26, 2016

Calylophus and Salvia

Some pics from the front garden, which is starting to really fill in!

The Calylophus, or Square Bud Primrose, that I planted last year has gotten really big and beautiful. Every time I pass it on the street, I smile!

And the Purple Verbena, that I expected to bloom and then disappear, has grown and gotten even better. And it hasn't stopped blooming yet!

And the salvia that was given to me by a neighbor is doing very well.  It was a little late to bloom, but it has really spread and filled in the area.  I am already thinking about pulling some of it up and putting it in another spot.  I really like this plant!

A few new plants
Dave purchase two new plants for me at the clearance section of Lowe's (I just can't resist filling in my garden at a discount!).  He picked up an Americana Agave. I already have a bunch, but one more never hurts, and he bought a bicolor salvia.  Honestly, I am not even sure what that is.  I picked up some Indian Blanket, Gaillardia.  Probably one little plant won't do much, but hey, it was only a dollar :o)  

I also found this Tropical Milkweed growing in another bed where it didn't really belong.  I planted Tropical Milkweed in the back yard a few years ago. Unfortunately, my unruly Obedient Plant overtook the area, and the Tropical Milkweed never came up one year.  Very sad. So I was surprised when, two years after this, I found a little tropical milkweed growing under a rose bush, in the next bed over.  It was shaded and not in a very comfortable spot, so I dug it out and replanted it in my front bed.  We'll see how it does!

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  1. You have lots of beautiful plants blooming in your garden. My verbena has spread a lot and is stunning most of the year - it's one of my favorites. Your calylophus is amazing!


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