Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Garden Visitor

After a nice bout of rain last night, the morning was cool and wet.  A perfect time to get in the garden and do some serious weeding.

Many years ago, I put a fence around my garden, because my dogs kept stealing my hard-earned produce, not to eat, but to play with like a ball. I usually keep the gate closed, but sometimes they sneak in behind.  Generally not a big deal, since I am already In the garden and can limit any pilfering.

However, this morning had dire consequences :o(. Minutes after I entered the garden, I heard loud, pitiful squealing. Apparently some rabbit had decided my deep collection of cilantro stalks would be a good place to start a family.  I don't know how long they have been there, but there were three baby bunnies nestled in a nest... Or at least nestled until the dogs discovered them.

One bunny did not make it, broken by the dogs before I even realized what had happened. But I did manage to save the remaining two. I collected them up and placed them back in the burrow.  My only hope is that mama rabbit is brave enough to come back into the garden to recover her little ones.

And if she does, I am really hoping she moves them.  I hadn't realized the bunnies could so easily enter the garden.  Now I know who has been eating my strawberries.

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