Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mealy Blue Sage SallyFun Blue

I was hosting a coffee and wanted some purple plants to decorate the tables.  I was hoping for some of the purple verbena (or now I learn - lantana), that has been blooming everywhere.  But none of the plants at Natural Gardener were in bloom (that probably should have been my clue that these were *not* the plants I have seen in bloom all around town)

But they had some pretty looking Meally Blue Sage (SallyFun Blue).  So I picked up two plants... solely because they matched the tablecloth I was using.

With a forecast of 50% rain over the next two days, I decided to take a break from the Spring Break prep and regular house prep to get these plants in the ground.

I also planted the three small purple verbena that I picked up - even though they were not in bloom.

And I planted the Basil plant I had picked up a few weeks ago.

A sure wat to ensure we don't get any rain :o)

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