Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A small corner bed

All summer, my lantana in the front bed seem to go dormant.  But with the first breath of slightly cooler temperatures, they seem to regain steam and bloom out again.

This is just a small bed between my front porch and garage.  Usually it is not much to look at, but right now, with the Pride of Barbados blooming above the golden yellow Lantana, it is worth stopping and taking a look!

For what its worth, every year I think this Pride of Barbados is dead. It is in a very shaded location, and it always seems to get a late start. The lantana get a quicker start, and completely cover it. This year, it seems that as late as July I was looking for it, and found nothing. I assumed it had finally decided to look for brighter pastures. But then lo and behold, in the month of August, I noticed it sticking its head up way above the lantana. I am not sure when it got started, but it is most definitely not dead!

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