Sunday, July 5, 2015

Two new plants

I know this is the worst possible time to put in new plants... I really do.  But I was in NG this morning picking up pumpkins and cucumbers, when I saw a plant called Bee Balm...

I've noticed that the bees don't seem to really like the flowers I have planted, and with a name like Bee Balm, it seemed like this might be a good one for them. And then right next to it was a plant called Lion's Tail, which looked kind of cool.  I figured it I kill one plant, I might as well try and kill two ;o)  So I purchased both.

The Bee Balm said it needs partial shade, so I put in near the back of my side bed by the Oxalis and Plumbago.

The Lion's Tale says it gets to around 3 to 4 feet, so I put in near the center and back of the new street bed.

Now, to see if we can get them rooted in this heat.

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