Saturday, July 4, 2015

July Flowers - Side bed

So begins the ten week period of scorching heat and no rain. 

Actually, it has been a mild summer so far, with far more rain than expected. So hopefully a strong spring will help power my plants through the next few months.

Here is how the various beds are doing:

Side bed

Turk's Cap
The Turk's Cap I replanted this spring is looking great! While there are no blooms on it, it has certainly recovered from the re-plant and is putting out new growth.  Woot!

American Beautyberry

My American Beautyberry, planted in 2013, is now heading towards its third summer. The truth is, it isn't much bigger than when I first planted it.
2013 Beautyberry
Here is a picture from the first year. It really isn't much taller, and maybe just a little more filled out. Last year, the cold winter killed this plant back to nothing but a bud.  But this year it did a bit better. So hopefully it will continue to grow.

Mid June or so, my Oxalis started looking really brown, like it had some nasty fungus. Then all of its leaves fell off.  I had read that these guys go dormant over the summer, but this looked more dead than dormant. It was a clearance purchase, so I just moved on.  But then when we came back from Bonaire, boom, there it was, back with new leaves again. It is a much smaller version of itself, but it is alive.

Lamb's ear

 My Lamb's Ear has done really well since being planted this spring. It has spread, grown and even put out some ugly purple flowers. I am thinking about trimming back the ugly flowers, but other than that, it looks great.

Purple Heart
I had hoped the purple heart would be doing better since planting it this spring. It initially was eaten by something - I'm guessing bunny, but it did recover. It is a little bigger, but not much. Give it time, I guess. 

The Esperanza continues to grow. No blooms yet.


Ahh, dare I even say it, but my Plumbago is alive and looking good. It is loving all the rain! It made it through the winter in fairly good condition, and even has some blooms on it. Of course, it is the harsh summer that always weakens it and then the cold winter that kills.

Salvia Farinacea Henry Duelberg
Planted almost exactly a year ago, this plant is doing great!  I have always loved this plant in other gardens, so I am thrilled it is doing well so far. It has grown and spread perhaps more than any other plant in the bed.

Bottle Brush and Artemisia
The artemsia is spreading from the three plants planted this spring.  The bottle brush, planted last year, is doing better than either it, or its predecessor has ever done.  While it isn't blooming, it is actually growing a little bit.  It is clear this plant likes water.

Salvia Greggii
Transplanted from the porch bed this spring, this plant has already grown, and is now blooming!  It is hard to believe it is doing so well.

Sunny Knockout and Double Knock out Rose

Both roses continue to do well.  The double red knock out has grown quite a bit and filled in its entire spot. My intent is to let this guy grow and continue to fill the area. The Sunny Knockout has not grown as much, and it much taller and less bushy, but it is blooming and looks good.

Veronica Georgia Blue
It is amazing how much my spur of the moment purchase from this spring is doing.  The two plants have spread so much, they have almost covered the area between them.  They are not blooming, but I have hopes that, if they can make it through the winter, they are going to be amazing next spring!

Pride of Barbados
Dave's seedlings continue to do well. I haven't had a lot of luck getting these seedlings to grow enough in year one to make it to year two, but with this wet spring and the potential of a wet fall, maybe this will be the year.  Who knows?

Dianthus Peppermint Star 
These guys have not thrived in this spot. They are alive, but usually look half dead. We'll see how they go as time goes on...

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