Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Last Harvest

Three or four days of 27 degree nights have killed all of the summer vegetable  in the garden.  I was really hoping the eggplants would hold on for one more week until my mom got here for Thanksgiving, but they died the first night.  I pulled them off - maybe we can still eat them.  There are a bunch of green tomatoes left on the plants.  I left them there.  I also have three small pumpkins which I don't know what to do with (one was just showing a tinge of orange) and a couple of freebie potato plants.  I don't know whether to pull the potatoes or not...

My asparagus plants are still going strong.  The freebie cilantro is a carpet in the ground.  My three or four lettuce plants and one cauliflower are still doing well, as are the four or five broccoli plants.  One of the broccoli has a nice head of broccoli on it.  I really am hoping it holds on until my mom gets here on Sunday, but it is starting to look like it will open and bloom any day now.  One other broccoli plant has a teeny tiny head appearing.  The rest show nothing.  Some of them were eaten up pretty badly by caterpillars.  But strangely enough, the one showing the teeny tiny head was the one most eaten up. 

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