Monday, November 3, 2014

Garden update

My garden is struggling along.  I'd hoped for better results, but I have been disappointed

Tomatoes:  After having babied my tomatoes through the hot summer, I expected them to take off in the fall.  They have done okay, but they have not set any fruit.  All in all, the tomatoes this year have been a huge disappointment.  Of the four non-cherry varieties that I planted, I think I have pulled only one tomato off in total :o(

Eggplant:  I planted the eggplant too close to the tomatoes, and it was shaded all summer.  With some of the top foliage dying on the tomatoes, the eggplant finally started flowering, and I have one eggplants starting to ripen!

Jalapenos:  The jalapenos have been doing great!  But, what to do with them?  I have pulled over a dozen off of the two plants.   Finally, I discovered the job of jalapeno poppers.  Now, when I get five to ten ripe, I stuff them with cream cheese, wrap them in bacon and yum!!!  The one success from my fall garden. :o)

Pumpkins:  The pumpkins were doing great.  I even had three growing on the vine.  But they have all contracted some nasty fungus, and I have a feeling they are all going to die.  They look pretty sad.

Cucumbers:  Dave planted a bunch of pickling cucumber seeds... maybe a little late in the season.  But we've been watering and watching.  We pulled the first cucumber off the vine this weekend, and there are a bunch of tiny ones just waiting to grow... It is now a race against the clock, whether they will be ready before the first frost.

Cilantro:  Once again, this freebie plant is springing up everywhere.  Pretty cool actually, and the one thing that seems to grow in my garden easily!

Lettuce and Spinach:  The spinach I planted a month or so ago is doing well.  It hasn't gotten very big, so I have only taken a little off of it.  Last week, I also planted some more lettuce beside it.

Broccoli:  My broccoli was eaten up by caterpillars.  I realized what was going on after the bugs had made it through half of my plants.  I started hand picking them off, and that seems to have stopped the pillage, but the damage has already been done.  I have one broccoli plant that has a teeny tiny broccoli head coming up.  Nothings from the others.  I am hoping that they will recover from being eaten and still produce...

Freebie potatoes:  I have two or three freebie potato plants growing.  They seem to be doing well, but again, it will be a race against the frost to see if they actually produce anything.

That is about all.  I have this big full garden, but it really isn't producing much :o(  but at least I am learning a little bit every year :o)

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