Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Garden is planted!! Let the vegetables begin!

I have just finished mulching the vegetable garden.  Most everything has been planted, and all of the seeds that are going to come up have come up!

Doesn't it look pretty.  Last year I discovered the joys of mulch:  it significantly reduced my weeding.  So this year I mulched over the whole bed.

Planted this year, in the back corner, one cantaloupe and one watermelon. I know, I rarely more than one melon per year, but I just have to try!

Cucumber Update
I planted lots of cucumbers.  I planted three varieties of seeds (see previous post) and then, when nothing came up, I purchased two of the Homemade Pickle cucumbers as plants as well.

Of the seeds I planted, a few of them have come up.  Perhaps the soil temperature was still a bit too cold when I first palnted them?

As of right now, both of the Armenian Burpless piles have just come up, two of the Homemade pickle have risen (one didn't) and none of the English cucumber :o(

Of the plants, one is going strong, and the other has been eaten by something, and is barely hanging on.  

The instructions I had for potatoes said to cover them up with dirt - and that the potato grows from the base of the plant downward, so if you don't cover them up, they won't grow.  

So that is what I did.  The plants look beautiful!!  No idea about the roots :o)

The Tatuma (Calabacita) have not come up at all.  I think I am going to try again.  I only dug a teeny tiny hole and dropped the seed in.  I think next time I am going to dig a deep hole, and then process the soil, and then put in the seed.

But, the container zucchini are just starting to come up!

I also relented and purchased two zucchini plants - the poor squash vine borer can't go hungry, can he?

My instructions for asparagus also said I should start covering them up.  The last time I did that, the shoot died.  But a) I might have started to early, so i waited until they were a little bigger this time and b) with all of the frosts, the death may have had nothing to do with my covering them up.

So i went ahead an starting piling dirt around the tallest of the shoots.  Please don't die!

As of right now, I have a total of 17 of the 40 crowns that are alive.  At this point, I think the other 23 are goners... but hey, 17 is better than non.  You have to start somewhere!

Everything is going along pretty well!  With the tiny bit of rain, and watering every other day, things seem to be working!  

But, as of right now, the only thing we're eating are lettuce and radishes.

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